Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Maddie's Flower Garden

Allie at No Time For Flash Cards posted this AMAZING sunflower craft last week and I ended up running right out to the grocery store for some black rice. The sunflower prompted Maddie to cover the front door in all things Springy!

We ended up relocating some of our previous projects to the garden on the front door:
clothespin butterfly
paper plate bird
cupcake liner flowers
alphabet caterpillar
creepy crawly caterpillar

Then Maddie added a few new friend to the door like this adorable bubble bee she made with a scrap piece of paper bag.

We used some bubble wrap and purple paint to make these flowers.

Then I used my large circle punch to make these flowers from one of Maddie old drawings.

I think our new front door garden really lends to our homes curb appeal!


Anonymous said...

I would say that definitely has curb appeal. I think we might try something similar...our front door has been looking a little blah lately. :)

Momma Snail said...

we *HAVE* to do this! This kids have been learning about flowers and butterflies and a mural would be awesome. Maddie did a beautiful job!