Thursday, April 2, 2009

Gone to the birds...

Super Potty Girl!
It has been a busy week at our house due to all of the potty fun! I have to say Maddie is doing SUPER good and I am so proud of her! We have had minimal accidents, yippee :) and Maddie has been so excited about being a big girl. We ended up at Walmart last night and picked up another potty ring and stool for our upstairs bathroom and I also picked up a travel potty ring for our on the go days. Of course now that means that the two potties we already had at home had to get the heave ho because the little miss has decided that she needs to use the big girl potty instead of the separate ones.

Paper Plate Bird Craft
Today we actually had a chance to do a little craft and Maddie said she wanted to make a bird so with some paints, a paper plate, googly eyes and feathers this is what we came up with!

Maddie used her dotters to color the back of a small paper plate.
* Let me just say that Crafty Dabs are the best product ever! When Maddie goes to school I will be supplying her teacher with these!

After the paint dried (about 1 minute later!) we folded the plate in half and used a hole punch to make hole to hang the bird by. Maddie added some googly eyes and feathers.

Maddie decided the bird should be hung by the fan in the kitchen and who am I to disagree?

Easter Goodies
And this is what I have been working on alllllll day long. I have two giant Easter baskets and 2 mini baskets of treats due for the next two weekends so I started with making chocolate fudge cake bite eggs this afternoon. I had 48...but now I have 46; hubby snagged one and another reached it's fate on my floor. Oops!

Tomorrow I will be working on some Bakerella inspired bunny and chick cake pops!


Georgine said...

IF you don't mind I ask, how did you make the egg cake bites? Is it the same as the Bakerella cake pops? You eggs look gorgeous. And, your daughter is very cute. At first glance she looks like my daughter but with longer hair. Is she 2? And I think I need to get the craft dabs - very cool.

Amanda said...

Georgine- Yes! It is basically the same as the Bakerella cake pops, but instead of making balls with the cake mix I pressed it into an egg mold. I used the Wilton Silicone Petite Easter Egg Mold. I have found this mold at Michael's, AC Moore and Walmart.

Maddie is almost three! I already starting to plan her birthday party for this July.

And the crafty dabs are an awesome (AWESOME!) art tool!


Toni said...

the bird is so cute, and love the cakes, how pretty they would be in an Easter basket. goodluck with the potty traing:-)

Georgine said...

Hey Amanda, thanks for the egg pop info. How do they taste?

Good luck with the birthday planning. Birthdays are my favorite. I have already started bookmarking things for my daughter's 3rd birthday in October. These cake pops would be cool favors.