Saturday, March 21, 2009

Caterpillar Day

Yesterday worked out perfectly! I woke up and logged on to the computer to discover via the lovely new google layout that it was the 40th Birthday of the The Very Hungry Caterpillar. I just happened to have two caterpillar activities planned for the first day of Spring which was on Friday also! Coincidence?

Foam Caterpillar
I saw a similar activity on but it required sawing foam balls into thirds (what?!) I opted to use beads as spacers instead!

Materials: 1 foam ball, 3o (or so) foam circles, beads, pipe cleaner, googly eyes.

I tried to use my circle paper punch to cut out all the foam circles but of course the foam was too thick to fit in so I used a shot glass to make a round indent into the foam that I could easily follow to cut out.

Hubby wasn't home to use the power tools for me so I did it myself. I stacked all the foam circles and wrapped a piece of packing tape around them to keep them from shifting while I drilled a hole through the center.

Oops! I may have gotten the drill stuck in the stack of foam...

Maddie took care of threading on the beads and foam circles.

I drilled two holes into the ball for the antennae and the body. I little bit of glue in each hole held the pipe cleaners in securely. Add a cute smile and some googly eyes!

This was a big hit at our house! Maddie thinks her caterpillar is 'ohhh, so cute!

Alphabet Caterpillar

This was just a quick and easy project to do a little work on the alphabet. I think we may do this one again with the whole alphabet instead of just Maddie's name.

And this is what happens when I very tired girl throws a tantrum! Maddie fell asleep during her temper tantrum yesterday afternoon! One minute she was kicking her legs and crying and the next thing I hear is snoring. Too funny!


Michelle said...

I just saw the foam caterpillar on the Family Fun website and thought it was I have to try it with Emily, yours came out so cute. I love the name caterpillar too!!

Amber said...

I nominated you for an award! Come over to my blog and get it!