Thursday, July 12, 2012

Catching up

Oh hi! It's been awhile I guess! Things have been busy around here and I have done a pretty poor job of keeping this little space on the interwebs up to date. I'm going to try though. Our life has settled down after a crazy first year with a newborn in the house and my sweet Madison's first year of school. 
kindergarten graduation day
My baby is now a 1st grader!! Madison absolutely adores school and had a wonderful first year that she was definitely sad to say goodbye to but we have been having a lovely and somewhat relaxing summer.

cooling off at the zoo
 Trips to Busch Gardens and the zoo have been enjoyable.

Opsail came to town and the girls were thrilled to see all the boats!

We took a week long vacation in Connecticut visiting family,


and getting a few new tattoos. 

I'll be back tomorrow with an iPhone post of our week in Connecticut!

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