Monday, April 2, 2012

Udi's Gluten Free Review

A month or so ago I was asked to review some gluten free foods. No one in our home is on a gluten free diet but Udi's was looking for both folks on gluten free diets and those of us that are not. Gluten free diets have been flooding the news lately and it's hard to NOT notice the increase of gluten free products at the grocery store. With a bit of hesitation we decided to give Udi's a try. 

For the review I was sent a LARGE box of assorted gluten free foods. Our favorite was the Snickerdoodle Cookies which were surprisingly delicious! If it wasn't clearly stated on the carton I would not have been able to tell that they were gluten free. The cookies were large and chewy with speckles of cinnamon throughout.

Next up was the Cranberry Granola which we tossed on some yogurt and fresh fruit. Truthfully it didn't appear to have much flavor at all. Maybe if it was a bit sweeter we would have enjoyed it more.

Udi's offers frozen pizza AND fresh packs of pizza crust (2 pack). Premade pizza crust are always welcome in my house! Usually I take care of stocking the freezer in my own pizza crust but a little help is always welcome. The crust was nothing exceptional but let's be honest the crust is just crust its the toppings that matter! If you are or someone in the house is on a gluten free diet this pizza crust should be a staple in your freezer.

Now the bagels. I love bagels. Really love them. They are chewy and delicious and flavorful so of course I had high hopes for the Cinnamon Raisin Bagels we had a chance to try. Unfortunate for us they were a big flop. Lacking flavor and just wrong in texture. I suppose the gluten is a rather important part in making bagels chewy. The Udi's bagels had more of a dry toast flavor to them, even toasted and topped with butter we were not fans.

Last up was the Millet-Chia Bread. I am incredibly picky when it comes to bread and we don't eat all that much in our house to start with so this was also not a big hit in our house. Maybe if we had tried white it would have been different. 

Now that said we are a gluten eating household and this was our first taste of gluten free foods. Some good, some bad but that's us. I have never tried any other brands of gluten free foods but I would suggest giving Udi's a try their products are not only gluten free but preservative free too. Many of their products are also soy and nut free too. You can find coupons on the Udi's website to give their products a try!

Disclaimer: I was provided all of these products free of charge from Udi's to facilitate my honest review on the products.


Anonymous said...

This isn't the first negative review of Udi's products I've seen from a gluten-eating household, and I think it is unfortunate. With no offense to you, of course -- you are just giving your honest opinion -- but I think the company should be focusing on blogs within the allergy community. We have really enjoyed the Udi's products we've tried, because we are used to dairy/wheat-free baked goods. (Unfortunately, my son can't eat egg, even baked in, so Udi's products are generally out for us. I wish they'd make some egg-free products).

Jamie said...

Love, love, LOVE your honest review!