Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

 Last weekend we spent a lovely evening on the patio enjoying half price margaritas and appetizers at our favorite Mexican restaurant. It was fantastic. The weather was gorgeous, the kids were good, and the margaritas were strong. I like. 

 Besides our usual favorites we were lured by the delicious sounding Mexican shrimp cocktail. Presented in a martini glass and FULL of guacamole and shrimp it was fantastic!

 Of course that only made me want more. Lots more. Make yourself a margarita and toss together this ridiculously simple shrimp. You will thank me. I promise.

I boiled about 20 large shrimp and chilled them with the tails removed (I buy frozen shrimp and it has very clear directions on the back of the bag for shrimp cocktail). While the shrimp is chilling finely mince half of a jalapeno pepper (a whole one if you like a little more spice!), about a tablespoon of fresh cilantro, half of a plum tomato and a tablespoon or so of onion. Mix all your ingredients into some store bought cocktail sauce. I used about 1/2 a cup but feel free to use a bit more or less. Time to toss in the shrimp! Leave your shrimp in the cocktail sauce for about 30 minutes or so to really soak up the flavor and chill.

 Next time I will probably bake tortilla chips but this time I went with the quick and easy out of the bag chips. You can either serve the shrimp on the side and help yourself or get fancy and top each chip with a dollop of guacamole and then a little shrimp swimming in the happy cocktail sauce.

 I see these being made A LOT this summer at my house! Enjoy!

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