Friday, July 13, 2012

Connecticut in iPhone Photos

Vacation! Home! It had been a year since we last traveled up to Connecticut to visit with family and I was more than anxious to get there! At the last minute I was thrilled to discover that my wonderful husband would be able to join us on our trip which made it all that much better.

the trip was long but worth it

Z with my bestest friend

an impromptu band session with friends

s'mores only happen when I am home. we ate them. a lot.

swimming pool fun with grandpa

there was a double birthday party (more to come)

we enjoyed some much needed quality time together

naps were had

my birthday gift!
dining on goat cheese at our favorite Connecticut cafe

grumpy baby decided she LOVES leek sauce

cuddle time with daddy was in high demand

a play date with an high school friend and her kiddos  (I feel too young to be saying that)

Zoey discovered the children's museum that Madison frequented at her age

I got this ink as a birthday present from my hubs along with another heart for Z on my ankle
We have only been home 2 weeks but I miss Connecticut. Insert sad face. We enjoyed lots of time with friends and family but its never enough. 

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Michelle said...

Nice to see you are back, I think you are motivating me to make some time for a few posts now and then. Looks like you have been up to a lot of fun things! Happy Birthday to your 2 cuties :)