Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Day At The Farm

We took the girls to Brookdale Farm in Chesapeake Virginia this past weekend and had a blast! I thought I was going to be sad this time of year and desperately missing my New England apple picking and cider mill but I fell in love with this little farm. The girls had lots of fun and so did I!
We picked pumpkins here. From the vine. Crazy I know!

Brandon LOVES putting Zoey in the carrier. I do not mind.

The quest for the perfect pumpkin. Or in other words 'Family Fun Time'. MANDATORY.

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

These ones will work.

Rain boots at the farm. She is very fashionable.

Looks it's me in the glasses!

Giant horses with big bums. They were cute though and they were much better at backing up the wagon than I am at backing up the car.

We may have a hard time saying no to her but we definitely did not buy a horse.

Maddie de-kerneled corn. Is that a word? Probably not.
Fun fact: It only takes one day for the corn to dry enough to go through this 100 year old hunk of mean looking metal.
And then BOOM you got popcorn. I thought it was cool.

We bought this. And strawberry jalapeno jam (OMG SO GOOD) and blueberry whipped honey. Or to be clear it was lunch time so we bought food we couldn't actually eat at that moment.

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