Thursday, October 13, 2011

Infantino Review & GIVEAWAY


The winner is.....

Tummy time blows according to Zoey. Or at least it did. If I put her on her belly she layed there and either chewed on her hand or screamed. Fun times all around. Baby push-ups were not in her plans and she made that very clear!

Then Infantino and Mom Central contacted me about reviewing the new Infantino Right Angle Tummy Triangle. With a rather stubborn little girl I figured why not, it certainly couldn't be any worse than her nomming and on her hand and screaming.

Success! The Tummy Triangle is angled at a soft incline to help baby enjoy tummy time. Instead of shoving her little face into the ground the slight incline helped Z actually see something besides my possibly dirty carpet. The inclines uses gravity to help baby gradually develop upper body strength (all the more strength to escape me with....) and promote a sense of balance. As a side note on that one, once Z learned to roll over we had to watch her as she tended to be prone to rolling herself right off the triangle. Oops! 

The Tummy Triangle also come with a musical timer to get in that pediatrician demanded tummy time. 1 minute? 5 minutes? Can she goooooo for 10 minutes?!?! Go Zoey!!! 

The adjustable toy bar gives Z something to play with too. She is just reaching the stage where she is sort of kind of starting to reach for things and if it's a mirror this girl is all over that. Vanity at such a young age! The activity arch can be positioned 3 different ways and includes a baby mirror and a crinkly bee to play with. If you have some small light toys they could also be easily attached for baby to bat at. 

Now to be completely honest I probably would not have actually bought one of these myself. The Tummy Triangle is definitely more of a nice to have baby item vice a baby must have item. There are plenty of ways to make tummy time fun and more comfortable for your baby and the Infantino Right Angle Tummy Triangle just happens to be one of those things. 

The Infantino Right Angle Tummy Triangle is available at most Toys R Us and is available at and


Do you have a little bean on the way? Have a baby shower to attend soon? Just like hoarding baby gear? Well you are in luck! I actually won an extra Tummy Triangle at an Infantino Twitter party that I am going to give to you!

To Enter (Mandatory): 
What is YOUR baby must have item? I like shiny new things so tell me what you just LOVE!

Extra Entries (Please leave a comment for each):
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This giveaway will end on Monday October 17th. Please leave your e-mail address so that I can contact you if you are the big winner!
Disclaimer: This product was given to me from Infantino and Mom Central to assist with my review. All opinions are 100% mine... or Zoey's.


Kimberly said...

Our baby girl will be here in about five weeks. I am very excited to put her in the MamaRoo swing/bouncer. It LOOKS like something every baby should have, so I hope she loves it. :)
kirbycolby at gmail dot com

Kimberly said...

I follow with GFC as Kimberly.
kirbycolby at gmail dot com

Kimberly said...

I tweeted the giveaway. Thank you!!/Aerated/status/125020386692841472
kirbycolby at gmail dot com

Michelle said...

I am watching my nephew who is 2 months old this would be perfect to keep at my house for him! My favorite baby must have would be my snap and go stroller or the baby bjorn.

Michelle said...

I follow Funny Days with GFC

Michelle said...

I tweeted the giveaway!/kme0310/status/125378655240196097

Michelle said...

I posted on Facebook

kme0310 at

Heidi @ Mom's Crafty Space said...

I follow you, of course! :)


Heidi @ Mom's Crafty Space said...

I can't think of anything fun and shiny and new that we neeeeeded to have this time around, but I splurged and bought myself a Kinderpack carrier for Simon, and it's the best and most comfy EVER!

Katrina said...

For me it is a boppy and a cute baby blanket!

ykatrina at hotmail dot com