Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sunday Morning(s?)

 Family exercise? If you knew me you knew that wasn't happening. I have mentioned before how much I HATE working out but I have been nonetheless. Every single day. Every morning I drop Maddie off at school and then I just go. I have been doing anywhere from 2 to 5 miles a day depending on what I need to get done that day. So if you see a crazy haired lady with a baby stroller bopping along to Glee music way too early in the morning it is possibly me.

This past Sunday both the girls let us sleep until 8am so we were actually feeling rested and decided the weather was gorgeous so why not go out for a bit as a family. With the bike. And the stroller. Not for coffee. Boo.


So we went for a ride/walk/pull/push as a family. As in Brandon rode the bike, Maddie was pulled in the trailer, I walked with the jogging stroller and Zoey slept.

Hmmm maybe having hubby take a picture was not the best idea. In my head I didn't look so completely ridiculous. In my defense I am working out though so sweaty and frizzy are acceptable. Right?

Sunday morning was enjoyable for all of so I have a feeling it will be a new 'thing' for us. Maybe not every weekend but probably most. Gah! What happened to my weekends of sleeping in, laying in pajamas, renting movies and ordering takeout? Kids.


Jamie said...

Good for you guys for getting out and being active! We bought a double jogging stroller a couple of months ago and we take the kids out for a run a few days week. Are you still losing weight? How is that going?

Anonymous said...

Life goes in circles. Wait until u r retired. It all comes back, even the weight.