Sunday, February 6, 2011

Our Week In Phone Photos- Week 5

I remembered! Of course my phone is always within an arms reach away but do I remember to actually take pictures with it? Nope. But I did this week!

 Maddie and daddy set to work Sunday working on their latest Lowe's wood project- catapults. Yeah I was totally hit in the head with a ball. Even better Maddie got to use a saw, all limbs are still attached.

 While they made a mess and covered my floor in sawdust I read and ate trail mix. It's my favorite. 

 Maddie has been a little obsessed with the Wii lately and has requested we play all.the.time. 

 Oh look Milo's laying on Brandon's lap as usual. What a horrible picture of him though, it appears his back is broken and he has a giant rear end. 

 Grocery shopping this week led to buying our first package of diapers. Only 21 more weeks to go!

 Despite the fact that I can't eat pancakes Maddie BEGGED all week for me to make them. I even tried to bribe her out of them with the cow place (Chick-fil-a) but it was a no go. Of course I made them, and ended up eating some. No worries though, my sugar was just fine!

 Despite the lack of rain Maddie has decided to wear her rain boots most of the week.

 After Thursday's trip to the library for story time I convinced Maddie to go to Target with me but she bargained her way into Chick-fil-a in the process. I'm not complaining.

 Books and Target bags! What a beautiful sight!

 Friday hubby made it home from work by noon! By Noon!!! Crazy! So I dragged him to Target (a different one of course) to buy the car seat we wanted for the wee one that was no longer available online. 

Of course baby shopping can only end up at one spot- hubby's candy store or in other words the liquor store that trumps all other liquor stores! I believe he is now ready for the Super Bowl.

Did you take phone photos this week? Link up over at a good life!


Amy @ babybabylemon said...

I love how kids want to wear rain boots all.the.time.

Christina said...

Oh how I miss Grape & Gourmet! I would always walk around in there (and the scrapbook store just a few doors down... if it's still there... they might have closed down... and we're talking about the same neighborhood) while hubby played in the hobby/game store almost right next door.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good eating! I had gestational diabetes controlled by diet with both pregnancies and it gets old fast. Thought I'd throw a little support your way...