Monday, February 7, 2011

Muffin Tin Monday

Ah yes we are back {again} to Muffin Tin Monday! Unfortunately yesterday Maddie went from what we thought was a head cold to the pukey bug late last night so her muffin tin meal isn't all that exciting. I figured my little bundle sulking on the couch deserved a little pep in her day though so off to the kitchen I went and made her a special sick girl muffin tin.

 On the menu today: Ramen noodles (her favorite), rainbow goldfish cracker, fresh strawberries slices, Valentine's Day trail mix, buttered toast and more Ramen noodles.

Isn't she pitiful. 
Note to self: must wash favorite blanket that is now wrapped around sicko kid.

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JDaniel4's Mom said...

JDaniel is sick today too. He didn't even want to eat lunch.

Jamie said...

Aww, I hope she feels better soon!

Tori said...

Looks like a yummy meal! I hope she starts feeling better soon!

SnoopyGirl said...

I hope Maddie feels better soon!

Sandy said...

Poor Maddie! I hope she's feeling better soon!