Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Babydate - As in the post where I give the lowdown and complain a bit

I have to say that despite my first few weeks of constant nausea this pregnancy really is no different than my last. Unfortunately my previous history of gestational diabetes meant testing early (and failing) and back to the good ole finger pricking 4 times a day. Yikes! I suppose it sounds worse than it is because it really isn't a big deal (at least not for me). It feels like a big time waster since I never have elevated numbers (despite not altering my diet in the least) which is exactly how it was last time.

Any how, besides bruised and sore fingertips everything seems to be A-okay. Over the weekend there was definite confirmation that there is a baby up in there. A felt the wee one moving and grooving all day on Sunday which was so nice. Of course I say that now and come a few more weeks (?) months (?) I will be complaining about the constant assault on my uterus and other innards.

I am really hoping that I will actually get a baby bump this time which never happened with Maddie. She situated herself with her tiny feet shoved up under my ribs and her head about as for down as possible so all I had was a lump on my side from her rear end- certainly not the typical baby belly!

So far so good. The second trimester seems to be going along lovely at the moment and it's crazy to think that in another week and a half I will hit the halfway mark! The big ultrasound is scheduled for the end of the month so stay tuned for the big Boy Girl reveal!


Heidi said...

I had GD this last time around too...yuck for all those finger pricks! Hang in there! I can't wait to hear the boy/girl news! :)

Suzanne said...

I can't wait to find out the boy girl results. I'm hoping you get a BOY that you will NOT be naming Brendan.

Jamie said...

Eek!! I'm so excited for you!