Friday, February 4, 2011

Hot Chocolate Play Dough

Oh yeah I like to get a little crazy- who needs chocolate play dough when you can make Hot Chocolate play dough?

Not really. After promising Maddie we would make chocolate play dough I realized in the past 6 months that we have been in our new house I have yet to purchase cocoa powder. Go figure. Well of course Maddie was not happy about that revelation and told me to buzz off (not really) and went to the playroom. I figured with her out of the kitchen and not in the know I could attempt hot chocolate play dough without fear of her flipping out on me if it didn't work out. 

I was successful though and all was good. Hurray! I used the Chocolate Scented Play Dough recipe at The Idea Box and subbed the cocoa powder with two packages of sugar free hot chocolate. I am sure any kind of hot chocolate would work... except for the kind with mini marshmallows but I just happened to have sugar free on hand. 

 I spotted these heart shaped ice cube molds and adorable pink storage cups at the Target Dollar Spot yesterday and they worked perfectly with our new play dough! 

 I set Maddie up with play dough, a ice cube candy mold, mini rolling pin, some cookie cutters and heart shaped doilies to display her treats on.

 Maddie set to work rolling out her cookie dough,

 And molding her chocolates.

 Look mom a giant pile a chocolate scented poop cookies!

She was a happy camper and wasn't even tempted to try a nibble!

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Izzie, Mac & Me said...

Very cute idea! My girls would love this and probably would eat all of it! They love chocolate!