Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our Week In Photos~Week 2

You certainly haven't heard much from me this week BUT I have been feeling better and Maddie and I did manage to get out of the house this week. 

Saturday I tagged along on Maddie and Daddy Day. First up was a build event at Lowe's. Maddie is in love with these build events and is always to proud to show off her finished product.

Next up was what has turned into the traditional weekend carousel ride at the mall.

 While daddy browsed the bookstore Maddie and swung into the Disney Store. Of course the giant display of Jessie dolls on sale meant we were walking out with one. Maddie and Jessie have been best friends ever since.

This is my new favorite shop. Yup a super awesome frozen yogurt bar. Bliss.
 Even better they always seem to have Red Velvet frozen yogurt whenever we are there. So freakin good. The frozen yogurt and coconut totally cancels out the Oreo crumbles. Just sayin.

 Currently we have the Toy Story 3 video game out with GameFly and Maddie is obsessed. We have to ration her time or she would spend all day every day exactly like this. Totally her father's daughter.

 I dragged Maddie along for my official urinalysis this week- speaking of which explaining to your 4 year old why you are peeing in a cup is really not easy- and she convinced me (totally twisted my arm) to go to Chick-fil-A for lunch. Oh how I heart the grilled chicken sandwich with buffalo sauce. 

 We swung by the Virginia Living Museum while we were in the area too. Maddie had fun up until they end when she ran, fell, and screamed. Bloody knees, torn pants, lots of tears.

 This is my morning. Breakfast with my laptop. Don't you totally love my Cherrios bowl? Too cute.

 Maddie had her monthly art class at the art museum this week too. They made adorable paper bag turkeys and Thanksgiving cards.

 The yummy dinner of the week? Pumpkin stuffed crepes. So good. And some bananas to make them healthy.

We finished off the week with another trip to the lab. This time for there bazillion vials of blood I needed drawn. Maddie was pretty sure I was out of blood by the end (so was I). To keep her occupied and me distracted I read her a story through the ordeal. Storytime during a blood draw was a first for the technician.


Amy said...

I think Mad's going to grow up to be about 6'3! She's so skinny and tall, I can't even call her a little girl anymore! :-)

AshHadAns said...

One of my girls got that Jessie doll for her bday a few months ago. They fight over who gets to sleep with it every. single. night.
I keep hearing good things about that Toy Story game. It might have to go on our Xmas shopping list!

AmyLee said...

including fruit in your desserts tooottaallly cancels out all the calories. i like the way you think :)

AmyLee said...

oh, hey! i just noticed your little girl is wearing a washington shirt in your header... are you around here? we're in the olympia area :)

JDaniel4's Mom said...

We just got a Swirls here. It is wonderful.