Friday, November 19, 2010

Snapshots of Life

Eek! For the past 3 (or so) weeks there has been a fun linky at eighteen25 where they provide the time and you remember to snap a picture of what is going on at that time. Well little ole me of course forgot week after week but I set the alarm on my cell phone yesterday and remembered! Yeah!

Of course I totally forgot about it until the alarm went off which means this was my picture:

Yup that's right. At 9:00pm last night I was already curled up in bed (and had been for awhile) watching tv with my hubby who is hiding in the top left corner. The alarm went off and I jumped out of bed startled and remembered "Oh yeah I am supposed to take a picture!". So there you go you get a lovely picture of my side of the bed. On another note did you watch Community last night? I ♥ that show and I totally want to hang out in the ultimate blanket fort.

Any who hop over to eighteen25 to see what everyone else who is not boring me was doing last night at 9:00pm!


Georgine said...

Community is one of my favorite shows. We DVR it, so that whenever I need some laughs, it is there for the laughing. Good idea about the photo taking. I always want to do more day in the life posts, but I always forget until the day is half over.

Erika said...

I've never heard of Community & I'm intrigued by the ultimate blanket fort :)
Gotta love those cell alarms!