Saturday, October 23, 2010

Snacky Lunch

IF we are home on the weekends we tend to skip a regular lunch and do more snacking. Vegetables and dip are big hit especially with our newest addition: Greek yogurt. Sour cream no longer exists in our house we are Greek yogurt all the way. Some days I will make a dip with fresh herbs but most of the time I just add ranch powdered mix with 0% plain Greek yogurt- delicious!

Sometimes we do cheese and crackers or chips and salsa too. These mini ham and cheese cups are perfect for a snacky lunch too. 

 Our latest favorite though is goat cheese and endive. Oh my. Amazing. My mom made these for us a few months ago and hubby has been hinting at me making them again. During this weeks trip to Trader Joe's I was able to find all the necessary ingredients. 

Goat cheese and honey are no biggie but finding Belgian endive seems to be a bit more difficult. My mom made her own spiced pecans but I found this bag of rosemary pecans and figured they would do the trick and save me some time!

There really isn't a recipe for these bites of deliciousness. The only prep work is separating the endive leaves and rinsing them. Be sure to pat them dry too.

To finish up top each piece of endive with a spoonful of plain goat cheese, a spiced pecan and finish off with a drizzle of honey. Simply delicious and perfect for a snack or even a party.

If you are a goat cheese lover like myself you should check out this awesome recipe for goat cheese and sundried tomatoes over at Madame Menu too!


Elle Belles Bows said...

YUM!! Love the endive with goat cheese! Kerri

Suzanne said...

I would be really tempted to skip the endive all together and just eat goat cheese and honey with a spoon. YUM.

Christy said...

Oh my, yum!

Lila Jo said...

We made the mini ham & cheese puffs today again - my kids love them! I like that they can help with the whole process & it's good for them! Can't wait to see if I can find the endive, looks like another great snack.