Friday, October 22, 2010

Art Class

Having Madison home with me during the week means I need to keep her entertained and involved. We visit the local zoo and library weekly for story time which is wonderful but I think Madison's favorite is her monthly class at the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia. For $7 every month Maddie spends an hour browsing the art exhibits, listening to a teacher explain different types of art and then she is guided in making her own piece of art. 

This weeks visit featured a tour of the Heidi Fowler exhibit and then a lesson on texture and collage, both of which are incorporated in Heidi Fowler's artwork. After the tour the children were provided with a variety of materials and Gesso (a thick white acrylic paint) to make their own collages and textured pieces.

Maddie loves her art class and generally spends the rest of the month talking about what she learned. I love the opportunity to bring Maddie to local museums for both visits and classes. 

Do you have a favorite spot you bring your little one?


Elle Belles Bows said...

Our favorite spot....and I know this sounds very cliche is our zoo....We are only 5 minutes from our local zoo. That enable us to be able to spend "quality" time there. We never feel as though we need to rush around to see it all. We can truly go and observe the animals. The aquarium was also great at the zoo when I was breastfeeding Elle. It was quiet, peaceful, dark, and calm. Now that she is older we do "stroller safaris" at our zoo. For $5, you get a story time, craft, and up close look at the animal that you are concentrating on for the week! Thanks for sharing your post! Kerri

kim said...

Hello, read some of your blog and wanted to to say it was very fun! We might make the ghosts today:-) Then we saw the zoo pictures and think you may live in Detroit, MI? We are also in that area:-)