Sunday, October 24, 2010

Cheerios Blogger Circle: Making Wise Choices

 Cheerios Blogger Circle
Feeding a child is never easy. You could claim to have the best eater in the world and we all know the truth: it's not always that way. When Maddie was younger I would brag about how great of an eater she was and that we had no problems stuffing her to the gills with healthy foods and to some extent it was true. Most days there would be no battle or bribing but other days not so much.

My apple lovin' babe circa October 2007
 As she has grown up a bit her food preferences have certainly changed and of course she has become much more vocal about it. On any given day Maddie will tell you her favorite foods are tomatoes, strawberries, pasta and cheeseburgers. Not the healthiest but not the worst either! Of course we don't let her eat cheeseburgers every day but we also don't forbid them.

I think we really stick by the 'everything in moderation' motto. There are a few forbidden foods for Maddie but really at this points that's only soda, iced tea and gum. I am sure the reasoning behind the gum speaks for itself! Soda and iced tea in my opinion are empty and unnecessary calories especially for kiddos, but of course that's just my thoughts.


Any who our main goal is to help Maddie make wise choices with her food selections. One of the biggest factors in food choices at our house is definitely the selection. My thoughts? If it's not in the house it's not an option. If we don't have bags of cookies and chips laying around then they simply aren't a food option. Instead Maddie has her own snack basket handy at her level filled with granola bars, boxes of raisins and goldfish crackers. Maddie knows that all those snacks are good choices and she is able to help herself to them.

Of course the refrigerator is also stocked with fruits and veggies. As a family we munch daily on fresh veggies and a Greek yogurt based dip. It's quick and easy- just my style! My biggest tip for a fruit and veggie loving kid? Take them shopping. 

Now if you are lucky and get to the grocery sans child I am certainly not going to say you should always take your child because seriously you are the luckiest mom in the world! I generally do have Maddie with me when I shop though and it proves to be a fantastic time to help Maddie make good food choices. The produce section is our first stop and it's also Maddie's shopping area, she gets to make the choices. Peaches or plums? Apples or pears? Broccoli or tomatoes? I am surprised myself at the variety of foods Maddie chooses and is willing to try. In the past she has spotted asparagus, plums, pears and cauliflower; not your typical child accepted foods! She doesn't always fall in love with her choices but she is always willing to try them and really that's all I can ask. 

Time to share! What are your mommy tricks and tips? Are you blessed with a greater eater or struggle with a chicken nugget kid?


Christina said...

When Ashlyn was a bit younger, she was a horrible eater. She didn't want to eat anything. Now she's a great eater and will (usually) at least try everything. She definitely loves cake and cookies and whatnot, but she doesn't get those all the time. She definitely considers them a special treat when she gets some! She loves to snack on fruit and some veggies (especially carrots). I think what has helped is reintroducing foods she didn't like before. Also we all eat dinner together at the table so she sees Mommy and Daddy eating the vegetables, too. I'll have to start letting her pick her choice between a few fruits and vegetables at the store now. Great idea.

Vanessa Nielsen said...

"Everything in moderation" is the best strategy! You're doing a GREAT job.