Saturday, October 9, 2010

Field Trip: Nauticus Museum

Visiting museums with preschoolers is certainly and interesting experience. Don't get me wrong, Maddie LOVES visiting museums and is always super excited when we tell her we are visiting one but its an unusual experience. 

Last weekend we were desperate to get out of the house after a week of rain and headed downtown to the Nauticus museum. This was actually my third time visiting and I still find it interesting. 

Of course with Maddie in tow that means nothing. Instead of reading the plaques I get to admire her bodysurfing on benches. Oh yeah, she totally did that. Despite Maddie's need to speed through the museum we still had a wonderful afternoon.

Hands on activities are always wonderful and greatly appreciated! The Nauticus museum even offers a touch tank, and child friendly theater. 

All in all we had a wonderful rainy afternoon at the Nauticus and checking out the Battleship Wisconsin. 

Do you visit museums with your preschooler? 
Or do you stick to the children's museums in your area?


Christina said...

We had a great time at the Nauticus and checking out the Battleship a few years back! But that was all before we even got pregnant. Since we live overseas we don't really have a chance to go to museums, but we did take Ashlyn to her first children's museum a couple of weeks ago when we were on our medivac/vacation to Florida. She loved it! She's only 2 so we'll be sticking to children's museums for a little bit... when we get the chance to go to one, of course. :)

Christy said...

We like to visit all kinds of museums. WE have been to a whaling museum, fire museum, battleship, science museum, and childrens museums. I love the experience and so do the kids.

That first picture in this post needs to be framed! Love it.

Infant Bibliophile said...

We LOVE going to museums. I mark all of the monthly free days on my calendar so that every month we hit at least the art and natural history museums here. It's hard to justify paying full price given child attention spans. We also do memberships at ones we really like. The Children's museum I usually avoid now because it's just a general madhouse and I can't help feeling like it's full of germs - all those sneezy drooling kids sucking on all the toys! Guess I'm a bit of a germaphobe.:) It looks like you found a fun museum!

Anonymous said...

My kids love museums. We even ask the grandparents for family memberships for Christmas instead of toys. We visited this Museum a couple of spring breaks ago and really enjoyed it. The battleship was Little J's favorite.