Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where I Blog

There is a blog party this week at Centsational Girl where you can show off and take a peek at where you blog! I love the idea and thought I would share with you my little corner.

Yup, just a corner.  A very cozy corner I might say. I tend to snuggle up with hubby at the end of the day and blog from a corner of the couch. I LOVE our couch and I really love the super wide arms that are perfect to perch my laptop on. Both of our laptops are plugged in and stored in the end table hubby made so it's really the perfect spot.

Sometimes I end up at the desk though which really is just on the other side of the living room. Generally the desk is covered in whatever my latest craft project is though so it's not always the ideal place to blog plus it is really lacking in the view department. Don't you just love that brick wall!

So where do you blog? If you link up to Centsational Girl let me know so I can take a peek!

**Oops! Looks like I am a day too late to link up.... my bad! Well if you do a similar post let me know! I would love to stop by and check out your blog spot!**

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Looks like a very comfy blog spot :-) I blog from a recliner.. its also my home office when I work from home :-P