Friday, September 3, 2010

Field Trip: The Virginia Living Museum

Due to the long weekend daddy was home today and we figured the crummy weather would be perfect for a day at the Virginia Living Museum. We were also lucky enough to catch the tail end of the dinosaur exhibit!

We have been focusing on dinosaurs this week for Tot School so our trip couldn't have been timed better!

The Myosaurus babies were a huge hit with Maddie! They were also the focus of a book we read this week which helped Maddie identify them.

Of course T-Rex is the star of the show though!

Maddie and daddy had a chance to discover a few fossils too.

Of course the whole museum wasn't dedicated to dinosaurs so we had to peek at some other fantastic exhibits.
We had so much fun today we ended up purchasing a membership. I am looking forward to exploring the outdoor exhibits on a non-hurricane day!


Michelle said...

Very cute, I love the turtle pictures!!

Anonymous said...

What a great musuem! Looks like everyone had a blast!

TheMoellerPad said...

I live in Newport News too! I have been dying to take the kids to see the dino exhibit but honestly I keep forgetting... I need to call, because I think it should be leaving very soon