Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tot School: Dinosaurs

{Maddie is currently 49 months}

Tot School
We had so much fun this week with our dinosaur theme! I scoured the interwebs for ideas and Maddie and I hit up the library for a bit of extra reading too. 
 We started the week with a growing dinosaur from the Dollar Tree. Every other day throughout the week we would measure the dinosaur and graph his growth. Maddie LOVED checking in on her dino every day!

Maddie used her letters both as a puzzle and used them to spell our dinosaur words for the week.

I provided Maddie with a bowl of different shaped dried pasta and a print out of dinosaur skeletons and she used Play-Doh to make her own fossils.

Maddie also worked on an alphabet dot-to-dot. She had a bit of trouble but corrected herself.

We have a letter writing center set up in our bookcase stocked with stamps, envelopes and note cards. At least once a week Maddie works on some letters to send to family and friends far away.

 Maddie adored the dinosaur life sequence cards and enjoyed telling stories about the eggs and dinosaurs.

This activity wasn't dinosaur related but it was a enjoyable and challenging. Maddie and I worked together to group the paint chips into color families and then arranged the colors by shade.

The baby dinosaur egg project ended up spanning over two days but Maddie was very proud of the end result.

Last week we won an activity kit from Mommysteffen's Blog and Grow With Me Gifts. Maddie was thrilled to know her names were chosen to name the pig and frog planters! Penny the Pig is on her way to a head full of grass.

Maddie LOVED her sensory play tray this week! It contained river rocks and dinosaurs from the Dollar Store, a piece of blue felt for water and some pipe cleaner trees.

Maddie and daddy finished up the week by working on a glow in the dark dinosaur puzzle from our trip to the Virginia Living Museum.

Printables from this week:
T is for T Rex coloring page {Making Learning Fun}
Dinosaur Shape Count Worksheets {Making Learning Fun}
Dinosaur Life Sequence Cards {Making Learning Fun}
ABC Dot to Dot {Making Learning Fun}
Dinosaur Train ABC Lap Book {Lap Books By Carissa}

Books we read this week:
I Dreamt I Was a Dinosaur {Stella Blackstone & Clare Beaton}


Christy said...

I always have fun with the dinosaur theme. There are so many cool things to do. It looks like Maddie had a great time!

Infant Bibliophile said...

It looks like you had a great week! I love the idea of graphic the growth of the growing dino.

Kristen said...

Lots of good stuff, but I especially like making her own fossils with pasta and dough.