Sunday, September 5, 2010

Maddie's Favorite

Did you have a favorite toy as a child?

I think my favorite as a child would have to be my Barbies. I vividly remember scattering all of them across my bedroom floor and staging them in elaborate scenes. One of those scenes MAY have involved a homemade water bed that MAY have popped and left a water stain on the hardwood floor. Maybe. It could have happened. Sorry mom!

Well Maddie isn't too involved with Barbies yet and her favorite toy isn't exactly a toy. Little Miss Mad is obsessed with her dress up clothes! My little darling could get lost for hours in the playroom twirling in her mirror.

She has a variety of princess dresses and tons of accessories to accompany them. I lot of her extras are either from my own closet or I have picked them up on discount after Halloween but each one gets plenty of use! Some days we find her in a Snow White dress with bunny ears and other days as Belle with the full princess attire. Needless to say Maddie's style is always surprising!

There have been many a days that we have run errands with Maddie dressed head to toe like a trick-or-treater in her dress-up clothes. Sure we get strange looks but my little one is happy and that's all that matters!

So what are your kiddos into lately?

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Christy said...

Dress up clothes are definitely Reagan's favorite. We have two big bins full!

Collin loves his action figures - especially superheroes.

Georgine said...

Who says dress-up clothes aren't a toy? I think it is a great use of imagination. B's favorite toy changes on a weekly basis. Currently, she likes mermaids. And the mermaids play with the dinosaurs. So, she would love your dino tot school!