Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Upcycled Planters

I love, Love, LOVE how this project turned out!! It isn't exactly how I originally planned but I am more in love with this finished result than my initial idea!

When we moved to Virginia I was shocked to discover that my beloved Hood ice cream doesn't exist down here but they do have some uber yummy Blue Bunny ice cream. Of course after we finished the ice cream I couldn't toss the awesome plastic container it came in {no freezer burn!} and started brainstorming.

My initial plan was to strip the label off the containers and let Maddie Mod Podge Fall colored tissue paper onto the containers to make planters but I hit a snag. Apparently Blue Bunny is using some coveted NASA developed technology for applying these labels because as you can see it was virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get it off.

Well being the crafty lady that I am I decided this wouldn't deter me from my plans only guide me in a different direction. Unfortunately this turned from a Maddie project to a mommy project at this point. I used some Krylon Fusion spray paint on the containers {4 coats!} to give them a gorgeous candy apple red color.

Next up I tried my hand at some rolled fabric flowers and I may now be sorta addicted to them. How adorable are they?! I used some twine to add leaves to each of the flowers too.

With my handy dandy glue gun I wrapped a bit more twine around the buckets and then added the fabric flowers.

Squee! I am in love with my new Fall planters!

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Rosie said...

OMG! Those came out so awesome! What a good idea! I totally would have thrown the empty containers in the recycling bin and forgot about them, but now the gears in my head are turning! We don't have Blue Bunny icecream here, just Hood and Friendly's but they don't come in plastic containers. But it's still a good idea to write in my book of things to do with stuff lol!

Anonymous said...

I am sooo in love w/ these!! They turned out great!

Van said...

Beautiful recycled craft, nice way to dress up the old ice cream tub, I must say! I'll remember this next time I need a pot.

Jamie said...

What a great idea and they turned out so cute!

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Thank you for joining us for A Crafty Soiree! It's so nice to see familiar faces and feel the bloggy love☺ I apprecite all my friends for linking up! You gave me the giggles with your bit about the labels. I'm glad you were able to modify the project and I love how they turned out. Those flowers are so cool and I bet they'll be showing up in a lot more projects! This would also be a fun way to give a plant as a gift too☺

Shaneliz said...

LOVE these!!! Do you instructions on your blog on how to make those great fabric flowers???

Awesome idea!