Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cool Treat

I told you how unbearably hot it is on Connecticut yesterday so I suppose now I should tell you how we have been cooling offer. Or better yet - The.Most.Delicious.Ice.Cream.Sundae.Ever.

Oh its that good.
Have you tried Hood's new Frozen Tangy Yogurt? It's delicious. And good {enough} for you! So start off with a few scoops of frozen yogurt.

Next up time to add those glorious freshly picked blueberries.
You can't forget the Cool Whip either. Everything tastes better with Cool Whip.

I top my sundae off with fresh grated lemon zest and then a crumble of the most delicious cookie in the whole wide world - Back To Nature's Madagascar Vanilla Wafers. Heaven. Pure Bliss.

Don't you just want to lick your screen?

What's your favorite summer time treat?

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