Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heat Wave

It's hot.

Like really, really hot.

I will admit I am kinda a wimp when it comes to heat but I did grow up here in New England so this weather is no surprise. Things are a bit different though. Growing up we had a pool in the backyard, our house was only one floor and every room had either a fan or air conditioner.

Fast forward to our current house. Last year we had 3 air conditioners in our two story home which kept things nice and cool - as in I could wear a sweatshirt and I was comfortable. Well you all know by now that we are headed down south to Virginia in about 3 weeks but we are actually moving out of our current home in less than a week. So as one air conditioner at a time has died on us we really didn't sweat it because our new house has central air conditioning.

Well we are sweating it now.
Yesterday was 104 and our last air conditioner is on its last leg. Its pushing air but that's about it. The second floor of our house is so hot the thermostat doesn't even reach that high - meaning we are topping 90 up there. Of course all the bedrooms are upstairs making it unbearable to sleep.

We finally broke down last night and dragged our mattresses downstairs. Oh yeah, we have a family slumber party planned for the rest of the week. The three of us rolled around whining about the heat last night. It wasn't pretty.

It appears we are due for a slight cool down today but I'm not optimistic. Yikes!

What are you doing to keep cool?

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