Friday, June 18, 2010

A Piece of Home

The movers come in exactly 24 days, which means I am officially in a total state of stress. Yikes!

We are trying our hardest though to make this move easy on Maddie. It's technically not her first move but it will be the first one she remembers. Of course she has had all the usual questions about the move like "will we bring my bed? And what about the bathtub?". After reassuring her that yes her bed will come with us but she will have a new bathtub in the new house we decided that we should bring a little piece of Connecticut to Virginia with us.

After picking out the perfect rock from the backyard Madison spent a few days this week painting her perfect masterpiece. I took a Sharpie to it when she was done to add our city, state and years we have been here. After a quick coat of glossy Mod Podge we now have a piece of home to bring with us to our new home!

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