Thursday, June 17, 2010

stART: A Brave Spaceboy

We are officially at less than a month now before the movers come and pack everything up, YIKES! With the impending move sneaking up awfully quickly it has been a topic of discussion in our house and we have been trying to ease any reservations Maddie has about it.

I stumbled upon A Brave Spaceboy: Moving Is An Adventure at the library yesterday and thought it would be a great book to help Maddie with our transition. The book doesn't overtly talk about moving but we did talk about the pictures of packed boxes and a new house. Madison's new desire is to use our moving boxes to make a rocket ship at the new house!

With lots of our crafting materials packed up we went for a non-messy crafting session to go along with the book! I printed off a magnet printable from Making Learning Fun to keep Maddie busy while I cut out a few rocket ship shapes.

Next up Madison set to work coloring her own personal rocket ships. We added a few small squares of tissue paper to complete the look! One rocket ship got attached to a craft stick to use as a puppet,

and the other accompanied star stickers on a piece of black construction paper. Nothing fancy here today but Maddie was still happy!

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