Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pay It Forward

I have my 3 people, thanks!

I was selected earlier this week to participate in the *Pay It Forward* Giveaway at Izzie, Mac & Me and I am super excited to *Pay It Forward!*

I already have a great package ready to go to your family! I am looking for the first three responders that would like to countinue on this project.

MANDATORY - You must continue on *Pay It Forward* to three of your lucky readers! Please include how many children!

What are you waiting for? Quick, Reply!


Amy said...

I'm replying I'm replying I'm replying! I will pay it forward too!!!

MomBE said...

I would love to participate, HOW? 3yoboy and2yogirl.

annmak said...

I would like to pay it forward!!1

annmak said...

opps! 4 children!!