Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Field Trip: Kidcity Children's Museum


I am sooooo happy we went to Kidcity yesterday! We have been to a few children's museums in the past including the massive one in Boston but I think Kidcity in Middletown, CT was definitely the most interactive and age appropriate for Madison.

The museum itself is housed in a large three story older house close to the Wesleyan University campus. I would suggest visiting with children 10 or younger but Madison's age group (3-5 year olds) is perfect for this museum. We only stayed for two hours but Madison was active the entire time we were there.

The Main floor houses 4 different distinct play areas including:

The Space Age Roadtrip

The Farm

The Fishery & Clipper Ship

and The Main Street

The second floor houses Musical Planet

The Video Theater

and The Cornfield. The Cornfield is broken up into 8 mini areas including a hot air balloon exhibit

a Build It table and blocks

and train table!

There is another section designed just for children under the age of three so we didn't venture there during our trip yesterday.

Let it be said Madison slept late (little dance by mommy!) this morning after a fun filled afternoon at Kidcity!


Our Little Family said...

What a COOL place!!! We took Maddie to a really cool one in San Diego and she just adored it. There's a new one close to us but it's super pricey so we haven't been yet.

Anyway, awesome place and ANYTHING that gets them to sleep longer.... Well that's always a good sign! Ha!

Christy said...

Sounds great! We'll have to make a point to go there.

Holly said...

We love this place. I grew up just a few minutes from it--I wish it had been there when I was younger.

Adriana said...

Looked like so much fun! We have a Children's Museum in Dallas. We need to go again soon.

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