Thursday, July 9, 2009

Salad for Breakfast?

Earlier this week Maddie came to me around 7:30am and asked if she could make a salad. Umm....I haven't even finished my coffee yet so no I am not emptying out the vegetable draw just yet.

Instead I grabbed the stack of colored foam laying in the craft cabinet and tossed a quick fake salad together. Maddie handed me foam and told me what we needed in the salad: lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and shredded carrots. Ahh how I love that my child LOVES her veggies!

I few hours later I also cut up some white and pink foam a la Allie's coffee to make 'Lola milk' or as the regular folks call it strawberry milk! Then we cut out some strawberries and blueberries with little bits of white for yogurt to make parfaits! Maddie spent the day cooking up a storm in her play kitchen and was thrilled with the new additions.


Pink & Green Mama said...

Super fun and easy - - I love it!! I can't wait to add some new additions to our own play kitchen. The box you sent is WONDERFUL, I don't even know where to begin I'm so blown away by everything you did. Wow!! I feel like my package is/was so inadequate. I had never seen a paper bag book before but I'm happy to tell you I'm making one for each girl and one for each of our swap buddies to send out next week as a little something extra! Thanks for all of the great ideas and inspiration!!

Stacy said...

How cute this is! So simple, too...I love it!