Friday, July 17, 2009

Mail Delivery: Super Summer Swap

Eek! I have only been meaning to get this posted for about 2 weeks now! Maddie received her Super Summer Swap package from C and she was THRILLED!

C's mommy (the super blogger at Pink and Green Mama) packaged up some great surprises for Mad! The SSS package came in this super cute bear tote that Mad has been using to contain her mass of hair accessories!

I have to say I was overjoyed to see some sensory balls in the pack! I have been meaning to make a set for Mad's tot trays for a while now but just never got to it. Maddie was a little confused at first and kept trying to open them and blow them up. Oops! With a little tutorial from dad she set to work making matches!

C's mommy also made some really cute foam people for the bathtub. Now the rainbow of friends are stuck up in my shower and they really keep Mad occupied while I suds her up in the evening!
Maddie's was thrilled to see princess stickers in the mix too! She set to work decorating the postcards that came in her package with the stickers.

I think Maddie's favorite though was the handmade hungry little caterpillar! Of course we had to read The Hungry Hungry Caterpillar before bed that evening and he now spends his time on Maddie's night stand where she can grab him for a nighttime snuggle!
Thank you C and C's mommy!
Mad and I can't wait to do another swap!


Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

wow what a great bag! I have to finish up mine that is on my plan for this weekend!

Christy said...

Thanks for participating! I love the foam bathtub people. They are so cute.