Friday, July 17, 2009

Birthday's Past

Maddie is turning 3 in TEN days! I am so excited and yet a little sad! With plans under way for this years Ice Cream Social I thought I would post some pictures from last years Barnyard Bash.

Of course I picked a theme and then could find NO decorations to match so everything had to either be handmade or specially ordered. And to make it even better on my current search for ice cream party supplies I have run across a TON of barnyard supplies! Goodness!

I found the super cute tin pails at the Target Dollar Spot and filled them with bubbles, old fashioned rock candy, cow tails, farm stickers and for the youngest ones a small carton of goldfish crackers. My favorite were the barnyard animals that I also found in the dollar bins at Target that I used to decorate the tables along with a Mason jar filled with Twizzlers!

The backyard where all the fun happened!

Maddie LOVED her cake and especially the M&Ms!

The Birthday Girl!

Oh how they grow! This years party is going to be at the local community center instead of the backyard so things will be a bit more scaled down.


Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

cute! farm themed days are so cute! if you ask my LO what she is having ( its not till march) she says hannah montana bday! :)

Michelle said...

Very cute...I love the cake!!!

Flores Hayes said...
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