Friday, June 12, 2009

Furry Little Friends

We stumbled upon a great book at the library this week and decided to make to Wombat Friday!

Wombat Walkabout

By: Carol Diggory Shields and Sophie Blackall

The book jacket reads:

This whimsical counting poem follows six adorable wombats on an adventerous walkabout in the Austrailian outback. Sharp readers might spot the hungry (but not terribly bright) ding following the clever wombats. But that dingo doesn't spot what the brave little wombats have planted for him!

Marvelous wordplay, lush illustrations, and a perfect ending make for a book sure to become a well-worn favorite.

I Googled 'wombat coloring pictures' and came across a few adorable pictures. I printed 6 copies of my favorite and Mad and I set to work to make our new furry friends!

Each wombat in the book wears their own special accessory so while Maddie colored all the wombats I prepared their accessories.

Maddie took care of the finishing touches so we had Clive with his red bow, Lee with polka dot shorts, Jack with a paper sailor hat, Jen with a cute little skirt, Theodore with a party hat and Pru with a blue necklace.

While the wombats dried we enjoyed lunch with a little shout out to our herbivore friends; salad anyone?

Before we could read the book Maddie had to make her very own paper sailor hat like Jack. You can find easy peasy directions at DLKT-Kids.

We ended up reading the book 4 times! Maddie loved that she could use her wombats to act out the story. Now she can't wait for daddy to get home from work to show him!

Wombat Walkabout is now on our Must Buy list, I hope you enjoy it too!


Ally said...

So cute!

Georgine said...

Maddie eats salad? You are so lucky!

I'll have to see if our library has Wombat Walkabout. Shoot, we were just there!

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

we love a couple wombat books! looks like a cute book and day!

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

our library does have it i just put it on hold yippeee! do you have the link to the cute wombat picture?

Amanda said...

Here is the link! Enjoy!

Denise said...

Just added this to my library list. Thanks!

Toni said...

what a wonderful way to make the story come to life:-) The wombats are jsut so cute, and the salad looks yummy.

E and T said...

Hi Amanda

I have not heard of this book, but I am sure my little girl would also love it. I am going to see if i can get my hands on it. Thanks for sharing.

What fun to create your own special wombats. I love when you can use enjoyable books as a source of inspiration to come up with a craft activity.


Stacy said...

This is sooo cute! I'm going to plan this into our "W" week activities. Thanks so much for sharing!

Christy said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing. We will definitely do this because we LOVE the book.