Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Father's Day Fun

Father's Day is around the corner and Maddie and I have been busy preparing. Hubby loved Madison's submarine picture she did a few weeks ago and suggested that we do a few more for all the grandpa's and great grandpa's so of course we did!

Over the last few weeks I broke out the finger paints a few times for Maddie to decorate a few pieces of construction paper that I would later cut the submarines out of. We also did some tissue paper/water collages to make a watery background. I tried to space out all of these activities so they weren't too repetitive and boring!

Once all of our materials were ready to go I cut out the submarines and added a picture of Mad and some cellophane paper for the windows. Maddie did a little finger painting for the sea life and now I have Father's Day gifts done!

For Maddie's dad we made some cute rock paper weights. I believe I originally saw this idea in Family Fun magazine and thought it would be perfect! Maddie took care of all of the painting and when she was done I used a white and black paint marker to write "My dad rocks" on the rocks! Too cute!

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