Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jumping the night away

One of Maddie's birthday presents arrived in the mail today and daddy was too eager to wait over a month to give it to her! Hubby set to work putting together her My First Trampoline as soon as he got home from work.

I must state now that this is THE SINGLE BEST PURCHASE EVER.

Once hubby finished putting it together Maddie wolfed down her dinner so she could go outside and JuMp JuMp JuMp!

She lasted about 45 minutes before she told me she was tired and wanted to go to bed. Mission accomplished! This lovely piece of equipment will be my savior this summer!


Ally said...

That looks like fun! =)

Michelle said...

I need one of those for Emily!!!

KJ said...

Where did you get that?? I've never seen one before, it looks a little bigger than the exercise trampolines---is it? I love that there is netting around it too. Too cool! I'll have to check into this for my son's BDay coming soon! :)

Amanda said...

KJ- It is called My First Trampoline by Sportpower. It is available on (where we got it from!) and it's only $100! I think $100 is nothing if it means it will wear Mad out every day this summer!

Kim said...

LOVE IT!!! That is so cool, I bet she had a blast. I am going to have to get one.