Thursday, May 14, 2009

Maddie's Submarine

Thank you Allie for posting your submarine craft and inspiring me to get crafty today!

Maddie decided that her submarine should be glittery purple, I am surely not going to discourage that but daddy may have something to say about it when he gets home! Funny enough I don't think the submarine he goes on is purple and glittery...maybe it should be though!

Instead of adding tissue paper portholes like Allie we swapped out for cellophane and a picture of Maddie!

Lunch Break- the only way to make grilled cheese is in the waffle machine! :)

After lunch Maddie broke out the blue crayons to color in the ocean water.

Then we used green, orange and purple finger paints to add a little life to the deep blue.

Have to let the paint dry! Time for a rainy day movie break!

I grabbed my white and black paint pen to add a few more details to the fish and jellyfish before we glued the submarine on.


Ally said...

Cute, I think I'll do this with my boys soon.

Georgine said...

I love the finger painted sea life. I am remiss to do finger paints. They are a mess! Brush paints seem less messy to me. Anyway, love the waffle cheese sandwich too!

Michelle said...

Very cute!! I love how you put her picture in the port hole. How do you make your grilled cheese in a waffle maker? I tried it once and ended up with a gigantic mess. Yours looked so perfect and mess free :0)

Jennifer said...

That is so adorable. I totally want to do that with my little ones.