Monday, May 4, 2009

Surprise Me Not

I will fully admit the cold hard dirty truth-
I spoil surprises.

Don't get me wrong I love them but they are hard to pull off with me around. As a kid I would search for Christmas presents, find them, unwrap them and then rewrap them.

(sorry mom!)

I ruined my own engagement because I found the RING! Although that was completely by accident but it still happened.

Maddie's first Christmas happened about a month ahead of time because we would be traveling back home to Connecticut (we were in Washington at the time) for Christmas so hubby and I reasoned "Why wait? We won't be hear Christmas day anyways!"

Dear hubby has a lot to do with this too. I won't say he is just as bad as I am but he is very good at pushing me to spoiling surprises. If I shop for someone, no matter the occasion, I feel this deep longing to tell them that I picked out THE BEST gift for them. I don't just spoil surprises for myself I spoil them for other people!

I can virtually see you all 'tsking' me! I just can't help myself.

Hubby's birthday is May 18th. Maddie already sort of spoiled part of his birthday gift surprises by telling him "DADDDDDD I got you Star Wars!". Clearly my naughty ways are rubbing off on her. Last night we were hanging around the house folding laundry when someone brought up daddy's birthday and I started to feel the itch.

I start reasoning in my head all the reasons why it would be A-Okay to run up the stairs and grab his gift.

"look at those ratty pj pants, he could use those new ones wrapped upstairs"
"he was just talking about needing some new t-shirts and he will just love that green one!"
"Maddie already told him about the toy light sabers that she picked out"
"the steak buttons would ensure my steak is cooked to perfection this week!"
"he is almost done with school and could use a new book to read"
"we aren't having a huge party so no one will even know!"
"I will save the cards for his real birthday"
"I could always go and buy something else for his real birthday"
I will admit it right here, right now:
I have a problem. I can not keep a surprise.

Surprise, surprise! Hubby opened his birthday gift last night and Maddie and Daddy got to have a Jedi battle before bedtime.

Maybe this deep dark confession will help and when the next surprise rolls around I will think hard and find the courage to stop myself since the world now knows my dirty little secret.


I will try to weasel my Mother's Day gift out of Maddie this afternoon......

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