Monday, May 4, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday!

Good Morning!

A little someone was a bit on the cranky side this morning and opted out of breakfast, which of course meant that she was looking for lunch at 10am! Today Maddie is having a bit of a Muffin Tin Monday brunch instead of lunch which works out perfectly because this is a 'no theme' week.

Top: peaches in strawberry jell-o, pretzels, cashews
Bottom: sliced banana, mixed berry muffin, peanut butter, banana and jelly mashed roll-up

Maddie says the pretzels are her favorite but she inhaled the jell-o first!

Who doesn't eat brunch in princess pjs, a tutu and fake pearls?


Yard Sale Princess said...

So cute! I just found Her cup overfloweth recently and love her muffin tin monday. But like your muffin tin brunch. I do this often with my own kids. I would love to sit in a tutu and pearls and have brunch! Thanks for sharing!

Michelle Sybert said...

Is there any other way to eat a muffin tin meal except in pearls and a tutu? :)

PB and J roll up sounds yummy!

jewelrylady said...

We eaten plenty of meals in princess pjs and tutus! My daughter goes to my jewelry case and pulls out a different necklace daily so we're right there with you! It's a "Diva Day!" Thanks for sharing!

Kayce and Robbie said...

I think a tutu and fake pearls is really the only classy way of eating a muffin tin.

Tammy said...

So cute! Pearls and a tutu is the only way to have brunch!