Friday, May 22, 2009


Ugh. I have been planning and making lists for the past few months. I knew our vacation was coming up and yet I still feel like I am missing something....and frankly chances are I am. People think I am neurotic which they do have a reason to believe but I prefer to be called 'Highly Organized'.

We have only spent one night away from home since Maddie was born (except our week long cross country trip move from WA to CT) and I planned and packed like crazy for that one day in New York City too. This time around though we will be spending two nights in a hotel, two days with the family at the reunion and one day at Sesame Street Place. We will be in the car for about 8 hours this weekend and that scares me. Maddie isn't the best in the car so I am trying to be prepared.The backseat is all set for Maddie. I have books, babies, an I Spy bottle, wooden dress up teddy bear, coloring books, crayons, magnetic play sets, a princess play set and snacks. Fingers crossed this keeps her occupied for the 2 hours and 40 minutes to New Jersey. I am also in the process of making a little check-list of I Spy pictures for the ride. Daddy says I need to make sure that I add some of his favorite fast food joints that we don't have in CT to her list so she can watch for them too!

I found these super awesome magnetic play sets at a local education store in our mall and I have to say I love them and want more! They keep Maddie busy for quite a while and I have to admit it is too cute to listen to her make up stories while she is playing. Currently we have Mr. Potato Head, Thomas The Tank Engine and car BINGO. We did have a farm one too but mommy may have accidentally left it at Chili's a few months ago, oops!

My only other totally awesome car MUST is Crayola Twistables and they rock because they don't melt like regular crayons! Yippee!

I find it rather staggering when I look at the amount of STUFF that we have to bring with us. We are going for a long weekend and frankly I think I would be packing less if we had activities planned for each day to keep us busy. BUT this is a family reunion so as nice as it will be to see everyone I also have to think of ways to keep my almost three year old entertained for a weekend.

I will say I have full intentions of playing up the fact that we are staying at a hotel and that is something totally new and exciting for Maddie. Plus as an extra bonus our hotel is just darn cool! We have this family reunion every other year at the same hotel so I have a little advanced mommy knowledge and know that there is a pool, playground, a waterfall, birds and practically a jungle in the lobby. We also recently read a Fancy Nancy book that featured a trip to the hotel so Maddie is pretty excited about this AMAZING machine that spits out ice!

I did manage to shove clothes, bathing suites, diapers and towels in one suitcase for all of us, so that is a little victory for me. So I think the final packing count is: a giant suitcase for clothes, my tote bag for odds and ends, a bag full of bubbles, chalk and crafts, a plastic bin full of craft activities for the kiddos, a lunch cooler for snacks and drinks, the big bin o'stuff in the backseat, the BIG stroller for Sesame Street Place, the camera case and my purse.

I think we are set.......

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