Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Current Mood: Exhausted

We are home. We got home around 9pm Monday night after a VERY long stop and go car ride home from Pennsylvania. New Jersey and New York traffic at the end of a holiday weekend is horrendous. eek.

We had an amazing weekend though. It was wonderful to see all of my extended family. It's awesome that we have this reunion every other year so that we do get to catch up with everyone and even better Maddie gets to meet her cousins!

Sesame Street Place was fantastic and well worth the extra hour drive down to Pennsylvania. I started to tear up when Maddie had THE biggest smile on her face when she saw Elmo for the first time. It's moments like those that I will never forget and make me so happy that I am her mommy.

I figured that since we had such a long and picture filled weekend that I would just make two more separate posts of just pictures! Enjoy!

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