Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blog Five!*

* Hubby and I are devoted Scrubs fans so if you watch you know The Todd so 'Blog Five!' to you!

Today is National High Five Day (who knew?)! So spread the High Five with a super cool High Five Hand!

Materials: colored foam, foam paint, large popsicle stick, glue

Trace hand on foam (we did two layers so we have a two sided high five!).
Cut out hand(s).
Wait....till it's dry.
Glue to popsicle stick.

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Georgine said...

How funny was "Scrubs" in the Bahamas'? Last weeks episode had my husband and me in stitches. The tikkis from The Brady Bunch and Jordan saying her body was 50% real. Even this weeks episode was cute. The mermaid and not being able to hear Janitor's name. Nice know someone else watches Scrubs.