Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jumping Bean Art

I saw something similar a while back on a blog somewhere, so if it was you:
THANK YOU for the idea!

Today is GORGEOUS so we headed outside to get a little messy!

Materials: paper (BIG paper), washable paints, knee highs, dry beans

* Dress to get messy! We used washable paints because I knew there would be flying paint at some point! Plus washable paint means I won't forever have a multi-colored driveway!

Fill the knee highs with enough beans to get a good spring and tie a knot so they don't come flying out! We used paper plates for our paint palettes, I told Maddie to pick three colors for each plate. Time to make those beans JUMP!

I didn't realize Cousin Itt was one of our distant cousins.

Our Whimsy inspired jumping picture. Her little feet are little bit off the ground!

ahhh! The reason I love washable paint!

Maddie had such a great time!

The finished product will be rolled up when it dries and I plan on cutting it up for Mother's Day gifts, gift tags and note cards.


Letters,Numbers and Books said...

very pretty!!!

Michelle said...

How much fun...we will have to give this a try!!

Amie said...

What a creative idea! I actually work for the company that packages and sells those Peak beans. I would love to send you some product to try and other fun ideas for bean crafts! Please email me at!!