Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Can you help me?

Here's the deal:
Memorial day weekend we have a family reunion planned in New Jersey as we do everything other year but this year I was asked to put together a few things for the little ones to do. The day that I was asked to prep for will be spent at an outdoor pavilion at the local YMCA. So obviously we can't do anything too messy since we really don't have anywhere to clean up. So I am looking for some ideas to keep about five 2-5 year olds busy for a whole day!

Today I picked up a few of the giant bubble wands and a jump rope. I am going to find out if we can use sidewalk chalk at the pavilion because that will keep Maddie entertained all day! I was also thinking about picking up some of the foam visors from our local craft store (they are on sale this week 2/$1) for the kiddos to decorate. I already have some foam paint and foam stickers so I will only have to pick up a few more.

Maddie wasn't so into crafts last summer so I am stumbling a bit on this one and would really appreciate your help!



Letters,Numbers and Books said...

how about paper bag kites they can decorate them with markers and crayons and then run around the park and fly them??

or bug boxes then they can look for bugs! to make the bug boxes you will neat screen mesh ( at lowes pretty cheap), tape, scissors, and oamteal containers, they can decorate the containers that you cover with construction paper and all for more detailed directios just email me if your interested or cheaper version munch some hoels inteh top of empty dry water bottles or soda 2 liters let them decorate w/ bug stickers and they are ready for sme bugs!

I could give you lots more ideas too if you want

BranFlakes said...

Give them cups of water and paintbrushes and they can "paint" the palvillion.

Make bionocualrs with tp tubes, markers, and stickers to play I Spy Nature.

Have a treasure or scavenger hunt.

Do facepainting.

Playdough would be fun.

Jennifer said...

You can get some plastic cones and make an obstacle course for them to run through. I've also played a getting dressed game where the kids race to see who can get dressed the fastest. You just get a bunch of big clothing and make two piles and separate the kids into teams. They take turns putting on the clothing to see who can do it the fastest. Make cereal neclaces, or just bring some contact paper and make contact paper collages.