Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Orange Sun Catcher (sort of)

We have been talking a lot about mixing the colors red and yellow to make orange this week. I thought I came up with a brilliant idea of layering scraps of red and yellow tissue paper between contact paper to make an orange sun catcher. In the end the sun catcher didn't have the exact effect I was looking for but Maddie still had fun!

Maddie told me pumpkins were orange so we settled on a pumpkin shape for our sun catcher.

Maddie got to practice with her scissors by cutting up lots of red and yellow tissue paper confetti!

Maddie got busy layering the tissue paper on the contact paper.

When she finished I layered another piece of contact paper on top of the collage.

To finish up I sandwiched the contact paper between the pumpkin frame and secured it with two sided tape (my favorite!). I added a green leaf and brown stem; which according to Maddie now makes it an apple and not a pumpkin. oops!

So this may not have turned out exactly as I hoped but at least now I have an idea for a craft play date I am hosting next week!

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