Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bird Watching

Daddy's home on vacation for a few days so he was able to join Maddie and I for some crafting fun! Maddie used to be obsessed with Little Einsteins fruity stars cereal but has recently decided she will now only eat shredded mini wheats and special K so I had a half empty box of fruity stars that I needed to do something with.

We have made a few different kinds of bird feeders which Maddie loves to do. Fortunately this bird feeder was a little less messy than the usual sticky peanut butter and bird seed variety! We opted to thread the dry cereal onto some pipe cleaners to feed the friendly birds in the backyard.

What better way to watch the birds than through binoculars! I always have empty toilet paper rolls and nothing to do with them!

Maddie used her dotters again on a piece of construction paper.

Then I took care of wrapping the toilet paper rolls in the beautifully dotted paper.

Daddy took over from here. He worked his MacGyver magic with mini popsicle sticks, two sided tape, glue and the leftover construction paper.

Nice binoculars daddy!

Time to watch the birds!

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