Monday, March 16, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday!

Today's Muffin Tin Monday theme was GREEN! Yeah! Not too hard to prepare which was nice!

Top: Green melon skewers, green peppers and ranch dressing, broccoli and ranch dressing
Bottom: Garlic toast triangles, pasta with pesto sauce, key lime pie yogurt with green sprinkles
Today's favorite was the green melon skewers!

And here is our green straw decoration for the week.

Maddie also has a surprise pot o' gold cupcake for this afternoon! shh!

We also did our first St. Patty's Day project this morning. Who doesn't like a little finger painting in the morning?


Michelle Sybert said...

um, that cupcake is out of control cute!!!!

and your tin is perfect! Well done!

Dawn said...

I love the tin.

Jennifer said...

Hi! I gave you an award. Come check it out at: