Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pink, Purple, Penguin!

Earlier this winter Maddie made penguins and was in love with them so I thought they would also fit in perfectly with our P day. So we decided to make pink and purple penguins! Eventually a few of them got turned into Valentine's for the grandparents.

Materials: pink and purple cardstock, googly eyes, glue
These are super easy! Maddie really enjoys anything that involves tracing her hands or feet and this is a craft for both! Trace 1 foot for a body and 2 closed hands for wings. Then cut out an oval for a belly, two half circle feet and a beak!

Maddie took care of gluing on all the parts and of course her favorite part was the eyes!

Time to make these penguins dance!

All of our little penguins!

And then we turned a few into Valentine's!

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