Monday, February 9, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday

Today's theme was Red/Valentine's and I had a great time planning! It worked out nicely since today we are starting a week of Valentine's Day and heart projects. Here is Maddie's lunch!

Top Row: strawberries, strawberry yogurt with heart sprinkles, and Hello Kitty biscuits with strawberry cream
Bottom Row: garlic heart toast, pasta with tomato sauce, grape tomatoes

I found these Hello Kitty biscuits at the Commissary last week for less than 50 cents! They fit in perfectly for this Muffin Tin Monday lunch. I thought they would be like those wafer cookies with the cream filling, but they are more like tea biscuits with strawberry cream to dip them in, still tasty though! They would be perfect for treat bags for a Hello Kitty birthday party!

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Michelle Sybert said...

the biscuits are so sweet!